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The Pineal Gland and Somagenesis


In the course of ingesting m-state elements, it is not uncommon to experience the origin of a sweet dew in the back of the throat. This effect is believed to be a secretion, triggered by the re-awakening of the Pineal gland.


320px-Wedjat_(Udjat)_Eye_of_Horus_pendant-plimbic-pAn excellent visual representation of the unique form that the limbic components of the brain resemble is the ancient Egyptian symbol, the “Eye of Horus”. Also known as the “Eye of Ra”, many people are intuitively beginning to understand the symbolic connection.


What was called, in ancient times, the “Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus” is understood to be this very secretion, the life-giving hormones released by the re-activation of the Pineal gland through ingestion of m-state elements.


VibhutiIt is evident that the inhabitants of the Indus Valley area were also aware of the importance of a holy white powder with their special appreciation for a mystical sacred ash, known as ‘Vibhuti’, which is still regarded today as a central component of sacred rituals.


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