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Effects of M-State Elements


We now have an idea of what these materials are, but what do they do? While all ormus is similar in many ways (gelatinous when wet, fine white powder when dry, subtle effects on mind and body, etc.), different ormus can provide different effects, depending on variables such as the source material, method of extraction, level of charging, and other, as of yet, unknown factors. We have broken down the effects that we have found and attempted to categorize them below. Due to the nature of ormus, effects may overlap, so it is difficult to determine definitive specifications (sources attained from minerals and the ocean, such as black sand and dead sea salt, can hold a varying spectrum of m-state elements).



All of our ormus has demonstrated the following subjective effects:


* Pain Relief

* Improved Sleep

* Feelings of Well-being

* Calmness and Serene States of Mind

* Extra-Sensory Perception of the Nada Sound

* Effects that Accumulate over the Course of Days/Weeks/Months/Years



Subjective effects Specific to Wet Method Ormus (such as Dead Sea Ormus):


* Improved Quality of Skin Texture

* Much More Enjoyable Stretching

* Notable Influx of Subtle Energy

* Increased Ability to Invoke Kundalini

* Activities Such as Yoga and Meditation are More Enjoyable



Subjective effects Specific to Fire Alchemy Ormus (such as Ormus Vitaceae):


* Sleep is Easier to Attain

* Increase in the Frequency of Dreams

* Increase in the Vividness of Dreaming

* Increase in the Incidence of Lucid Dreaming

* Increase in the Dynamic Quality of Dream Content



Please keep in mind that we can not guarantee that everybody will immediately notice the effects, since some people are especially sensitive to ormus and some people are not. Despite the fact that someone may not notice the effects until they have taken it every day for at least one month, someone else may notice the effects immediately. These materials work best when taken everyday. Generally, after about 1-2 months of taking Wet Method Alchemy, a person’s consciousness has “fine-tuned” to the higher frequencies and has laid the foundation for the effectiveness of the Fire Alchemy Ormus.




The following information lays the groundwork for a deeper understanding of these materials


Of course, for someone who is new to this, it is worth getting into a bit of the details on what effects these materials really have on the body. Whether you are considering the ingestion of these materials or not, it is important to have a solid foundation to build upon. What follows is an excellent introduction to how we can perceive ormus to work and the implications of subtle energy supplements.


We will begin by covering some familiar territory, and then work our way forwards.


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