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To Everyone,


Greetings. My name is Ryan and I am the founder of the Atman Principle. I created this company, with the help of my father, out of a fascination for Ormus and a love of Alchemy. I have always been interested in the nature of consciousness and have searched most of my life for the means by which one may enhance, expand, or augment awareness, naturally and effectively. Inspired by the mysterious origins of science and religion, the ever elusive mind/matter mystery, and empirical evidence of ancient, highly advanced technology, I became drawn to the wonder of how we arrived where we are today and concerned about where we are going. Stories and visions of archaic vividness have captivated my imagination for years, from the rich and unexplored cultures of old to the social alchemy of the counter-cultural revolution and beyond.






When I first heard about an exotic matter, known as ‘white powder gold’, which defied explanation and resisted standard analysis, I knew that this was a material worth investigating. So, I got a hold of a vial of David Hudson’s ORMEs and proceeded to consume it in the directed fashion. After a couple of weeks, I was having groundbreakingly prophetic dreams, seemingly streaming information and experience from deep within my genetic memory (or somewhere else, maybe), which I would later find to be showing me extremely personal symbolic messages of events that would soon shape my life. Being too proud of my rebellious distaste for banks and the monetary system, I regretfully decided not to place all three octaves onto a charge card and I went on with my life.


Years later, and after some extreme experiences, I had the realization that my pursuits at the moment were shallow and lacking. My life was going nowhere and I had to make a choice. Either I go on living my life the way I was, as hollow and unrewarding as it was, or I follow my dreams and see where that takes me. I mentally retraced my steps in a fervent effort to find that one spark which lit up my mind. Since I was experimenting with a number of things, it wasn’t easy, but I rediscovered what it was.. It was this ‘white powder gold’. So I attempted to pick up where I left off by reviewing some sources of “white powder gold” online. I must have spent over $600 on vials and materials from a company, and then met the dawning realization that I had made a mistake and ordered the wrong stuff. This was very disappointing and I was extremely frustrated with myself for having wasted my money when I could have gone after the real thing. Problem was, I ran out of money from ordering some expensive root bark for a planned experiment in organic chemistry.


I had spent a significant amount of time and effort researching altered states of consciousness and had come to familiarize myself with the organic chemistry of the plant kingdom. That lead me through the generation of my own temporary passport for visiting a nexus of otherworldly novelty. Often needing to conceal my interests, I had cultivated an intelligence of the heart which was independent of conventional and orthodox dogma. Having experienced otherwise indescribeable internal events, the nature of which defied my rational comprehension, I felt that I had reached a point far enough in one direction and it was time to expand into the realm of mineral and metallic art. In other words, I sought out more subtle and permanent pathways of self exploration.


Once again on the trail of the elusive ‘white powder gold’, I came across the website of a fellow by the name of Barry Carter, and I came to know ‘Ormus’ and its many forms. It turns out that Gold is only one of the many transition metals that can exist in the m-state. I followed many threads of research and methods of formulation before finally attempting some lab work. From the moment of my first ormus experience (one teaspoon of Dead Sea Ormus in the glass of water that lead to my first full-blown kundalini experience), I knew that this was the real deal and I felt compelled to make it a part of my life. It was easy for me, having much experience in chemistry, however, it was challenging in other ways I’d never met before. This was not an extraction with organic solvents, but a gentle and time-consuming work which required much dedication to the subtle aspects of energy. I was driven to try out new methods and became determined to find a niche where I could grow with this. Having taken part in Yoga before, I discovered that ormus was excellent for any type of energy work.


I became very happy with the ormus I had been making and I felt that I was ready to move up. So I proceeded to research and experiment with more energetic varieties, such as that made by the dry burn method. Finding that the heat and the energy in such operations vastly potentiates the effects of the ormus, I became nearly overwhelmed by the power of this material and decided to make it available to others who may be interested in it too. You can find the fruits of these experiments on our Fire Alchemy page. Soon, we plan on expanding our reach into the formulation of high-spin m-state powders, created using genuine, high-purity transition metals and making them available to others who are seeking it also. To this day, I am supplementing with a combination of my Dead Sea Ormus and Fire Alchemy products – I must say that, on the nights when I take Fire Alchemy, I have vivid and interesting lucid dreams.


None of this would be possible without the research, experimentation and good will of others to share and develop this technology for all to have access to. Everyone who has contributed to furthering the knowledge and understanding of this material is greatly respected and we all owe you a debt of gratitude. From the depths of our hearts, we thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with the rest of humanity.


Our goal, like others in this field, is to provide materials for the advancement of humanity. We believe that the world is in dire need of an alternative source of energy as well as a physical, mental and spiritual detox. Proceeds will be used to advance research aimed at making these materials recognized and accepted to modern science and ease the responsible application of them into mainstream culture.


We believe it is inevitable that these materials be recognized by a spiritually advancing society and we make every bit of effort our best in the creation of our art. Each and every product is carefully formulated with the best intentions and I personally test each material on myself before sending it to you. We are serious about the quality of our products.


It is here noted that most of the information in this website was gathered from various sources on the internet, including Barry Carter’s Website, Wikipedia, The Library of Halexandria, and others. Information covered will be thoroughly referenced for your convenience.


For those of you new to this, we welcome you to the world of ormus and look forward to your joining us in this exciting journey! =)



Ryan <3




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