Our Mission


To make advanced materials available for the uplifting and restoration of humanity to it’s rightful place in the Cosmos!





Our Products


We formulate our products by extracting subtle energy supplements, also known as “m-state”, “ormus” and “Manna”, from ancient and natural sources. We are excited to provide these powerful products at the cutting edge of the science of spiritual nutrition. Please check out our Information pages to see what is involved in the creation of the most advanced material supplements we have to offer. Whether you are interested in augmenting your light body evolution and are serious about beginning your etheric ascension to a new state of mind and body, or seeking an amazingly powerful aid to your meditation regimen, breathing exercises, or martial arts training, or you are looking for a drug-free way to get better sleep at night, or you are simply curious about what our products may do for you, please feel free to browse our website and become familiar with the existence of this astonishing material.


Should you decide to ‘seize the day’ and harness this opportunity to expand your horizons through the use of what many of us have come to know as ‘ormus’, be confident that we are committed to providing the highest quality m-state elements available.


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