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This is the second product in our Fire Alchemy line. Discovered by accident and lead by intuition, the development of this ormus was inspired by reports that concord grape juice contains an abundance of m-state, specifically m-Iridium and m-Rhodium. Like the White Dove, this product is a higher level in potency due to the extreme environment in which it is created, but the elements are that which can be found in purple fruits. Therefore, much less of it is required to feel the effects. After the juice is reconstituted and made extremely alkaline, it is boiled down and burned to ash, then calcined at extremely high temperatures. Please see the infopage for more on the process.


Extremely powerful when a dropper is taken under the tongue and held there, or can serve as a potent multiplier for supplementation with ormus extracted from Sea Salt (taken after drinking a glass of liquid with one teaspoon of Dead Sea Ormus mixed in). This formula is known to be specifically useful in the cultivation of greater lucidity while increasing the vividness and frequency of dreaming.


Infused with a 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerite of Grape Seed Extract for a super-boost of proanthocyanidins and delicious Natural Grape flavor!



Ormus Vitaceae

(Grape Juice Ormus)

2 fl oz (60 ml)




Grape Juice Ormus, 2 oz






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