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After achieving phenomenal results from our extraction of m-state from Concord Grape Juice, we theorized that there may be a connection between the anthocyanin content in purple and blue fruits and their m-Rhodium and m-Iridium content. With that in mind, we began searching for plants with higher amounts of anthocyanins and discovered that Purple Corn has twice as much anthocyanins, by weight, as concord grape juice. Thus, was Maiz Morado Ormus born. As the other two Fire Alchemy products, this ormus is a higher level in potency due to the extreme environment in which it is created, and, like the Ormus Vitaceae, the elements are that which can be found in purple fruits. This is very potent ormus! We use procedures similar to the creation of Ormus Vitaceae to create this. Please see the infopage for more on the process.


This formula also is great for aiding in sleep and getting the dreams going. Shockingly effective when taken together with other kinds of ormus, Maiz Morado Ormus is a great addition to The Atman Principle’s selection of Fire Alchemy products.


Infused with a 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerite of Purple Corn for a super-boost of anthocyanins!



Maiz Morado Ormus

(Purple Corn Ormus)

2 fl oz (60 ml)




Purple Corn Ormus, 2 oz





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