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Originally used as a method of staining glass, colloidal gold has been known since ancient times as a veritable Elixir of Life due to its many medicinal qualities, including the potential to restore health and improve cognitive function. Existing as a stabilized suspension of sub-micrometer clusters of gold atoms, the intense ruby red color is attributable to the optimal particle size and is indicative of exceptional quality and genuine authenticity. The Elixir of Life made by the alchemists purportedly had the ability to restore youth and perfect health. Please see the infopage for more on the process.


Indeed, gold has a long history of use as a medicine. It has been used to treat arthritis, skin ulcers, burns, dipsomania and punctures, to improve blood circulation and digestion, to weaken the desire for alcohol, and to promote renewed vitality and longevity. It can also be beneficial for rejuvenating glands, nerves, sluggish organs, and can be used to treat unstable mental and emotional states, ranging from depression, melancholy, fear, anguish, frustration, and sorrow, to suicidal tendencies. It is also used to enhance lucid dreaming ability and is believed to have the potential to restore pineal gland function.

Using distilled water, a special electrolyte solution, and certified 99.99% pure 24K Gold, this supplement is the highest quality colloidal gold on the market.


Formulated using Distilled Water, a Special Electrolyte Solution, and Stabilized with Cinnamon Extract, this Colloidal Gold is made with 99.99% Pure, 24K Gold! Reduced from 3X the volume for higher concentration of gold nanoparticles and preserved using Colloidal Silver.



Aurum Potabile

(Colloidal Gold)

8 fl oz (240 ml)




Aurum Potabile, 8 oz






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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In fact, this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and, according to the FDA, only drugs can legally diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. This product is intended to supplement the subtle energy of the mind and body with Qi derived from natural and organic sources. Webutation