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The Supplementation of M-State Materials


Considering all of the evidence surrounding the subject, including the understanding of the idea that these materials are essential for natural biological function, it stands to reason that consumption of subtle energy supplements would be an intelligent course of action, but these materials should be seriously respected. Some may not notice effects right away and be tempted to increase the dosage without having first determined their specific sensitivities, however, in our experience, patience is a virtue that is well rewarded. Many of the effects of ormus consumption are cumulative, often surface with shockingly powerful consequences and one may find that it’s much more difficult to “turn it off” since the effects can last for months. Also, some may be more sensitive than others and require much less to get going. These effects are intended, but one may not be ready to meet with these materials with such force in such a short time. Paying appropriate respects to the dosages is wise advice. Then, after one has had a month or so to gauge their sensitivities, they may have a “feeling” for what they can handle.



Appropriate Use


Based on our experience of the effects that these materials may have on an individual’s subjective consciousness, we find a comfortable dose preceeding the activity (Meditation, Energy Work, or otherwise) to be the most efficient use of these materials. A strong note of caution: We strongly advise against the use of the “3xP” line of products before bedtime due to the explosive energy that phosphate supplementation can deliver.




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