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Implications of Non-Local Consciousness Beyond the Organism


A theoretical physicist has presented research showing that DNA could act as an antenna in electromagnetic communications. In E. coli bacteria such electromagnetic signals can be generated by electric transitions between energy levels describing electrons moving around DNA loops. The electromagnetic signals between different bacteria within a community is a “wireless” version of intercellular communication found in bacterial communities connected by “nanowires”. The wireless broadcasts can in principle be of both the AM and FM variety due to the magnetic flux periodicity in electron energy spectra in bacterial DNA orbital motions.


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DNA is the Next Internet (B)


Another fascinating conception is the idea that DNA not only contains a blueprint of all genetic information for a single organism, but each organism is a galaxy of harmonically superconductive quantum oscillators that can both imprint a non-local, coherent template into higher dimensions of reality and also access that template to restore itself when damaged. Considering that quantum events (powered by microtubule networks in every cell) may be responsible for the consciousness we experience, the fact that superconductors may be involved with the molecular structure of DNA, and DNA may act as a signal transmitter between cells, it indeed seems plausible that consciousness is capable of interfacing with a non-local, higher order source of information through the DNA. This can explain how many people subjectively experience an influx of novel and original information when in certain mental states. Perhaps every living on the planet, or even the whole universe, can communicate wirelessly on this “Cosmic Internet” which operates as an astral library. Many call this the “Akashic Records”. A universal database of the sum of all information.


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