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We have decided to create a special FAQ page, dedicated to some questions that our customers have actually asked us. Our answers to these questions can be found below (note: although some questions may be slightly adjusted and some answers may be a tiny bit abridged, the basic content is the same). Of course, if you have any unanswered questions, please use the Feedback Form to submit questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. Click on a question to jump to our answer. Click your browser’s “Back” button to return to the top of this page.



What’s the difference between Colloidal Gold and Monoatomic Gold? Do they both give the same effects on the DNA and the Pineal Gland?


I’m very interested in monoatomic gold. Is your product the same, what makes it better, and how much ppm of gold will I be getting in a serving? (Referring to the White Dove)


I am a mystic/psychic, and I am looking for something to enhance my clairvoyant abilities. Can you tell me which of your products might be best for this?


Regarding the Aurum Potabile, how many ppm is it?


What are the effects of ormus on stomach acid, thyroid, candida, adrenal burnout?



What’s the difference between Colloidal Gold and Monoatomic Gold? Do they both give the same effects on the DNA and the Pineal Gland?


First, we think it would be helpful to establish the scale at which the particles differ.


Colloidal Gold consists of clusters of gold atoms ranging between 10 and 15 nanometers (10 to 15 billionths of a meter), each of which can contain as many as between 175,000 and 588,000 gold atoms. Colloidal gold clusters are small enough to enter into the microtubules of the cellular cytoskeleton (which are between 15 and 23 nm in diameter), allowing for transport throughout the cell. The cell itself is between 1 and 100 microns (1 micron is 1,000x as large as 1 nanometer).


Whether the “white powder gold” is actually monoatomic or diatomic is open for debate due to the structure of the gold atoms and how they are theorized to form cooper pairs. Please read this excerpt from David Hudson’s website regarding this:


* The David Hudson patent refers to orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements theorizing the elongated nucleus is caused when the electrons in the outer shells re-arrange from 5d^10 6s^1 to 5d^9 6s^2 leaving a hole in the 5d orbital. The nucleons move into higher energy shells, and the nucleus becomes elongated and begins to spin. A case can be made for the cooper pairing to form diatoms, hence some researchers are using diatomic as a description rather than monoatomic (or monatomic).


Therefore, there can be either one or two gold atoms in each particle of “monoatomic gold”. As far as the cellular action of mono/di-atomic gold, each gold atom is 144 picometers in diameter. Since each helical chain of DNA nucleotides has a radius of 1 nanometer, monoatomic gold has a small enough particle size to fit nearly 3-7 times within the width of each chain.


So, Colloidal Gold is small enough to be transported throughout the cell, but only monoatomic gold is small enough to intercalate between two base pairs of DNA. However, we believe both act on the Pineal Gland on a cellular level.



I’m very interested in monoatomic gold. Is your product the same, what makes it better, and how much ppm of gold will I be getting in a serving? (Referring to the White Dove)


To put it simply, monoatomic gold is not the same as the White Dove, but there is monoatomic gold in the White Dove. The White Dove comes from a black sand magnetite source ore which contains an array of precious elements in m-state form (such as Iridium, Rhodium, and Platinum) and is found in a material that produces the purest Gold in the lower USA. The bulk of these elements we harvest in our extraction exist in a white powder form which is believed to be the “seeds” from which these elements coagulate into their metallic forms in the Earth.


To determine the amount of platinum group elements in a sample, the material must undergo a special process to convert them from m-state to metal and make them “show up” under standard analysis to be quantified. Results of how much m-gold is in the source material is difficult to determine since m-gold has a relatively low sublimation temperature and boils out of the sample during the conversion process. While we believe that the black sand magnetite and dead sea salt contains an abundance of m-state gold in it (we take it ourselves for this purpose), it is difficult to ascertain the exact ppm in a standard sample, let alone a single dose.


As with minerals and trace elements, we consider it more wholesome to supplement with a variety of m-state elements because our bodies require more than just one element. However, if you are looking for the best source of only monoatomic Gold, we would recommend looking for a product that uses only the purest, 99.99% 24K Gold as the starting material and is not diluted or “cut” with mineral powders after having been converted to m-state. That way, even if the Gold doesn’t show up in the assays, you know it’s there because that was the only source material.



I am a mystic/psychic, and I am looking for something to enhance my clairvoyant abilities. Can you tell me which of your products might be best for this?


There are variables in the equation that may influence the effectiveness of subtle energy supplements, such as: diet, existing sensitivities, existence of toxins in the body, possible energy blockages in the chakras and nadis of the energy bodies, and the individual’s experience in energy work and innate psychic ability.


We have always recommended supplementation with Dead Sea Ormus (Level 1) to be a preliminary foundation to our more energetic products for a number of reasons. One reason is that, once a person “gets the feel” for what these materials do, they are more easily able to direct the energy towards the effects they are expecting (a sort of bio-feedback). For example, for most people, after taking DSO for a month or two, the “nada” sound becomes audible and can be utilized as a focal point for meditation in synchronizing the thoughts with the higher-frequency energy bodies. Another reason is that, for someone inexperienced in the supplementation of ormus, the effects of the higher energy products can come on quickly, easily become overwhelming and distract from normal, everyday life. However, this effect is minimal if the dosage is gradually raised with regard to the individual’s sensitivity.


With that in mind, based on our personal experience, and reports from others, we have found the White Dove to have the highest potential for enhancing psychic ability. We believe this is due to the higher presence of platinum group elements in m-state form (among them, Gold, Rhodium and Iridium – regarded as a very effective combination for activating the Golden Triangle of somagenic brain metabolism). We would recommend the Aurum Potable as a supplement to this, due to its synergistic effect on the quantum neurophysics of ormus.



Regarding the Aurum Potabile, how many ppm is it?


Originally, we intended to put the ppm on the label, but the presence of other molecules in the solution prevents an accurate reading (please see below).


Products generated using similar methods usually calculate to around 40 ppm after about 30 minutes of electrolysis (using extremely sensitive digital meters to measure electrode weight loss), are ruby red in color, and are usually not reduced in volume to increase concentration.


We utilize a low-voltage method for generating our colloidal gold which involves a special electrolyte solution that, unfortunately, makes it impossible to ascertain exact ppm measurements using conventional TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters.


For example, our instruments have recorded measurements as high as 700 ppm, TDS. Now, we understand this reading to be resulting from a combination of gold nano-particles in suspension AND electrolyte molecules in solution. Regarding an exact ppm measurement of only gold nano-particles, a comparison between the TDS of our electrolyte solution and our final product needs to be done. We are still working on that.


However, we can tell you that we run our gold cell beginning with 750mL of electrolyte solution for 45-60 minutes (far past the point of ruby red), and then reduce it to under half the original volume (concentrating the colloidal suspension even further). This is the basis for our potency estimate (3x). The final volume of our solution becomes a dark crimson red and the most brilliant scarlet color when held up to the light.


In fact, we have experimented with reducing it further and determined that this is the highest concentration possible before the colloid begins to break down. Any higher concentration would render the colloid unstable and increase the average particle size to the point of turning the solution purple and causing the larger gold nano-clusters to drop out of suspension.



What are the effects of ormus on stomach acid, thyroid, candida, adrenal burnout?


Our Dead Sea Ormus is slightly alkaline and should be taken on an empty stomach, so as not to interfere with the normal digestion of food, but does seem to lower the body’s acid levels. (We also add that following the instructions on the bottle include diluting one teaspoon of the ormus in a glass of water)


The following is an excellent article by forerunner of ormus research, Barry Carter, listing the general health effects that have been reported by people taking ormus:


We have done research into the thyroid gland, and have found much information about how the essential element, Iodine, is a necessary nutrient in thyroid balance. More can be read here:


Consumption of m-state elements (ormus) has been reported to increase the thymus by as much as 40%. The thymus is a specialized organ of the immune system which “educates” T-lymphocytes (T cells), critical cells of the adaptive immune system. As far as the specific effects of ormus on candida, we would think that any supplement which increases the alkalinity and strengthens the thymus would empower the immune system and help fight illness.


Adrenal insufficiency can be related to an imbalance in the levels of Aldosterol and Cortisol, correlating to levels of Sodium and Potassium in the body. We are also formulating a new product which supplies an infusion of both in appropriate levels.


We sincerely believe longterm ingestion of ormus facilitates good health, but of course this information has not been evaluated by the FDA. We encourage you to do your own research if you plan to take control of your own health and we hope this helps you to make an informed decision.





We always enjoy answering your questions – it helps us to consider aspects of the material which we might otherwise not think to ask ourselves. Please feel free to email us or use our Feedback page to contact us to ask your questions and share your concerns. We will use what we know (and research what we don’t know) in doing our best to answer them. Thanks!






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