As of October 3rd, 2015, The Atman Principle no longer sells Dead Sea Ormus or White Dove. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. However, we are entering a new phase of concept and formulation for new and exciting products with the intention of creating novel spiritual elixirs to replace them. Also, we are planning a new line of products, under the code letter I. Please consider this work to be under construction.


Welcome to The Atman Principle!


We create energetically nutritional supplements formulated from natural and organic sources using ancient and newly developed alchemical technologies. Our products consist of mineral microclusters of m-state elements engineered to feed the mind and body with potent etheric energy. This class of materials are believed to be in a fifth state of matter and have been known for thousands of years by core esoteric disciplines as the “Manna”, “Food of the Gods”, “Starfire”, and by other legendary names. Only recently have they been re-discovered at the cutting-edge of science to be essential for the serious augmentation of etheric energy channels!


Ormus is not only useful for Meditation, but can also be Beneficial in helping to aid in Pain Relief, Inducing Restful Sleep, Improving Skin Quality, Healing Scar Tissue, Promoting a Sense of Well-Being, Instilling a Sense of Calmness, Serenity, and Peace of Mind, Enhancing Brain Hemisphere Synchronization, Increasing the Frequency, Vividness and Dynamic Quality of Lucid Dreams, Awakening the Pineal Gland, and more!


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Here are the advanced m-state products that The Atman Principle has available:


Aurum Potabile

2 fl oz (60 ml)




* Using distilled water, a special electrolyte solution, and certified 99.99% pure 24K Gold, this stabilized suspension of sub-micrometer clusters of gold atoms is the highest quality colloidal gold on the market. More info…


Used for many things and originally considered a panacea. Believed to enhance lucid dreaming ability and restore pineal gland function.


Aurum Potabile, 2 oz




Ormus Vitaceae

2 fl oz (60 ml)


GRAPE-JUICE-ORMUS_TITLE (WEB)* Ormus extracted from Concord Grapes through a Fire Alchemy process designed to Concentrate and Energize M-State Elements!


* With Grape Seed Extract (which helps to protect healthy function of the Cardiac, Immune, and Nervous Systems) and Natural Grape flavor! More info…


Amazingly Effective in Promoting Sleep and Increasing the Frequency of Lucid Dreams! Infused with 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin to prolong shelf life.


Grape Juice Ormus, 2 oz




Maiz Morado Ormus

2 fl oz (60 ml)


PURPLE-CORN-ORMUS_TITLE (WEB)* Ormus extracted from Peruvian Purple Corn through Fire Alchemy to Yield High Amounts of M-State Elements!


* Formulated with Purple Corn Antioxidants (Glycosides of Anthocyanins which are Neuroprotective, Anti-Inflammatory, & Potentially Anti-Cancer)! More info…


Helps to Induce Sleep and is an Effective Potentiator of Vivid Dreams! Infused with 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerine to prolong shelf life.


Purple Corn Ormus, 2 oz






Known as Qi (“Chi”) and Prana, this universal life force is essential in energy work such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, and other forms of Meditation. Our Ormus allows one to harness this astral energy, which is abundant in the universe, to develop an Extra-Sensory Perception of the Nāda Sound (the High-Frequency Carrier-Wave of Consciousness) and harness this universal life force to help Expand Cosmic Awareness!


Whether you’ve never experienced ormus or been disappointed by other Ormus products, know that we have been working hard for years to create the best quality ormus available. Give ours a try -You’ll be glad you did!


Let us help you take your Meditation, Yoga, and Kundalini routine to the next level and beyond!










As of February 2013, Ormus Vitaceae and Maiz Morado Ormus, available through, are formulated using Vegetable Glycerin (neither animals, nor alcohol) to prolong shelf life, making our products 100% Vegan, Kosher and Halal-compliant. If you would like us to create an ormus product with no glycerin, or have sensitivities to anthocyanins, or grape seed extract, or if you have any questions about our products, please contact with your wishes and we will be happy to make a custom formulation for you. We are committed to providing the best quality ormus available.


Please be aware that the utilization of these materials for ascension is supplemental to existing Meditation and Energy Work routines and should not be considered a “Magic Pill”. With serious discipline comes serious results! However, given the potency of these materials, it should not be difficult to find such effort very rewarding, as they are intended to synergize with activities which take full advantage of their special properties! For more information, please see Cibation Techniques for more information.


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is an excellent source of information to become familiar with the Nature of Subtle Energies:


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In fact, this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and, according to the FDA, only drugs can legally diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. This product is intended to supplement the subtle energy of the mind and body with Qi derived from natural and organic sources. Webutation